The First Layer of Insulation is your Thermal Underwear

Published: 31st January 2011
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Undeniably, thermal underwear plays an essential role in anyone’s wardrobe. Come winter, underwear also needs to be changed in order to suit the cold surroundings. This is the time of the year when children’s underwear with cute prints is kept away and thermal underwear is put into use. Thermal underwear serves as the first layer of insulation of the body. Since children have undeveloped defense against cold weather, parents should provide them with this type of underwear.

During the old times, thermal underwear worn during the cold season is called long johns. This type of underwear is comprised with a long-sleeved shirt and pants. This is among years ago because the wearer can have the option to wear the top, the pants or both pieces. In Europe, manufacturers used 100% wool in their winter gears. Makers from this continent believes that aside from wool being fire retardant, it is also very effective insulation and water-repellent. The concept of thermal underwear is used after the U.S created union suits which are made from a layer of polyester and a layer of wool. This will assure that heat is contained inside the garments. This move gave way for thermal underwear to become a necessity among Americans during the winter months.

In early days, thermal underwear is made from cotton. Makers of this garment thought that cotton is effective since it provides warmth. However, a problem arises once cotton is exposed to moist, perspiration and liquid. When cotton is wet, it does not anymore retain heat and eventually becomes heavy because of the absorbed water. Also, some cottony materials leave fibers which impose allergy to children.

Nowadays, thermal underwear is made from superior materials. Its heat retention system has also been improved. Materials which make up thermal underwear also now come in variety, either synthetic or natural. These materials are perfect from maintaining the right warmth inside the under garments without children having the uncomfortable feeling. Polyester and polypropylene are the materials which make thermal underwear light but effective. These two fibers have excellent heat retention capabilities to provide the needed insulation of your child. Also, these materials are capable of evaporating moisture forming on your child’s skin. With these two things, you are sure that your kid enjoys the winter season without the fuss

Among the many brands of thermal underwear, Capilene has been a top choice among consumers. Other known brands are BriClime, Thermoin, SmartWool, Thermotech, Duofold and ColdPruf. These brands are patronized by many for its high-quality products but affordable prices. Thermal underwear is available in specialty or winter wear stores. To make things easy for you, you can just go to the Internet and shop online. You can also find the brands available on malls with just a click of a button. Just be sure with your child’s size when it comes to underwear so you’ll not end up buying the wrong size. Place your orders and wait for these products arrive right at your doorstep.

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